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Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial day celebration

Today I'm posting this great cookies for Memorial Day. These are super easy to make and decorate. 
You can use the recipe for  sugar cookies (one that you can roll out the dough) or the shortbread recipe (these will be more delicate cookies).

So lets start whit the stars!!! ;)
1. Roll out your dough 1/4 in thick, cut a strip from the middle of your cookie using a knife or pointy spatula. the strip should be pointy in one of the corners because the cookie is going to hang from a glass or a cup
2. Bake and cool your cookies (don't try to decorate them hot because it will be a mess!) 

3. Prepare thin royal icing (almost 10 count royal but for this is better a 20 count ) or melted candy in white, red and blue colors

 4. drizzle the cookies whit the three colors,  the drizzle should be thin lines

5. Finish the decoration before the royal or the candy sets with mini silver dragees or colored sugars

6. Decorate your glasses or cups with the beautiful super easy cookies!!!

7. Enjoy watching your family munching the cookies!

 8. Have a great Memorial Day.

Our Green cookie in the Bearfood Baker

Come check our cookie at the Bearfood Baker ... today a green Party

I posted our beautiful Tribute to Romero Britto cookie !!!!

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #8 The Color Green

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our cookie in the Bearfood Baker

Come check our cookie at the Bearfood Baker ... today a red Party
Tons of beautiful cookies!

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #7 The Color Red

The Best Shortbread Ever

Hello everybody!!!! One Cake a Day is returning after a short break. I was fulfilling my duties for college, and needless to say this end of term was overwhelming. But at last I'm done (at least for this term), and I'm happy and ready to continue my passion here in One Cake a Day. 

In the lasts weeks full of stress and work i was filling at the end of the day (late night) craving for cookies. So I start to look for tasty cookies recipes, but i needed something simple to prepare because i was too tired to mix 800 ingredients and after that wait for 2 hours until the dough had cooled enough to be able to bake and after that i didn't want to wait 15 minutes until the cookies were done! 

And the solution? Shortbread cookies. easy, simple, short waiting time and semi-addictive the best solution after a horrible day pushing technology projects... 

Well then HERE is The Best Shortbread Ever
2 cups butter (softened)
1 cup white sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract (you can experiment with  almond, rum, orange, lemon)
4 cups all purpose flour
Preheat oven to 350 F, cream butter and sugar until fluffy,  stir in the extract, add flour and salt, mix well. 
Chill dough for 30 minutes 
Roll out dough 1/4 inch thick (do not roll very thin or the cookies will over tan)
Bake 8-10 minutes, until the edges are slightly tan.
Cool in cooling grid and enjoy!
In my one of my experiments I used a mold for mini pies and let it bake for 18 minutes ..... 
After a long day of work .....  The Best Shortbread Ever (great with ice tea)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wilton Galley Update.

Today I'm updating my Wilton gallery with  cakes and cookies in butter cream, fondant, royal icing and Sugar Sheets that i have done working with Wilton ! enjoy!

Click in this link to go to the gallery!!!    Wilton Gallery


10 Count Royal Icing

Hello! in the last days i have received a lot of questions about the 10 count Royal that used for my angel cookies the here is the recipe 

The edges are in full strength royal icing and tip #2 and the petal interior is in thinned royal

 the recipe for the 10 count Royal Icing is :

1# Confectioners Sugar, 
3 TBS Meringue Powder, 
-6 tbsp warm Water, 
1 tsp clear Vanilla Extract, 

Mix all ingredients , beat for 7 minutes (stand mixer) or 10 minutes (hand mixer). 

To thin down the icing (to fill the petals) you can add water by tablespoons and mix until blend.

Take a spoonful of icing, drop it back into the bowl and count 10 seconds... the icing should smooth itself in those 10 seconds if smoothes in less time you need to add some corn starch to the mix (a little) but if it takes more time you need to add water until it takes 10 seconds to smooth. after that is ready to use.!!!